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Natalia from earth

Social media strategy, content creation, video direction and digital producer.

Social media strategy

I developed a Social Media Strategy for my Instagram & TikTok to attract more followers, prospect freelance job and awarness of my visual art. From December 2020, I have grow                    . On TikTok I got +283.46% more views. I'd love to discuss my strategy and my creative process for content creation with you. 


Instagram Insights

TikTok Insights 

Visuals projection

One of my favorite things about being a Digital Artist is to actually bring my work to galleries and events. Check out the work I did for B-League, a vintage shop and art galery based in Berkeley, California. 

Projection visuals for the Earth People art show at BLeague in Berkeley, California on November 6, 2021.

Projection visuals for The Mutillations show at Ivy Room, Albany, California on March 3, 2022.


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