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cosmic vibrations music festival

branding, Social media strategy & content creation

I joined Cosmic Vibrations Music Festival to help them craft a visual strategy and brand identity for their festival debut. Our main challenge was to set the tone for the first year of the festival and raise awareness about the event.

I started by identifying the festival's target audience, determining which platforms to use, creating a content calendar & content mix tailored to their business goals, and then developing the overall visual concept & strategy.

Please note: Some information related to strategy cannot be disclosed.

Client: Cosmic Vibrations Music Festival

Studio: Natalia From Earth

Founder & CEO: Jennifer and Nick Briggs

Art Director & Brand Advisor: Natalia From Earth

Bands Featured: Still Corners, Stranger Weather, Airpark, Timothy Eerie, Twain, JD Pinkus, John Andres, John Vanderslice, Andrew Goldring, Tender Mercy, Chat Holley, and special guest Rodney Norman


content creation | instagram

Artist Highlight Posts

reels / tiktok

caroUsel posts

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Sponsored videos for instagram

Instagram stories

Every artist on the lineup got their own highlight, and promotions to promote awareness.

lineup posts for instagram

festival flyer design

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